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PED 6 - Pedigree Software

presented at the 20th Conference of the German Society of Human Genetics 2009

Breast cancer risk assessment using PED 6 and BOADICEA

There are a number of models available to assess both breast cancer risk and the chances of identifying a BRCA1/2 mutation. In a recent investigation of five different carrier prediction models only the BOADICEA model predicted the overall observed number of mutations detected accurately (Antoniou et al., J Med Genet. 2008, 45:425-31). The current version of BOADICEA has been implemented as a Web-based program where users can upload a pedigree file or create a pedigree online. The online pedigree building application appears quite complicated and enables to build only simple pedigrees. However, the authors of BOADICEA claim their program will process pedigrees of any size and structure.

PED 6 ( is a Windows application for creating, drawing, and editing of pedigrees. All of the pedigree drawing features conform to the Pedigree Standardization Task Force recommendations. PED 6 enables the user to export family information not only as LINKAGE or CSV (comma separated values) file, but also as a BOADICEA data file. The data files created by PED can be uploaded to the BOADICEA Web Application (BWA; to estimate the risks of breast and ovarian cancer and the probability to be a carrier of any cancer-associated mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

PED 6 appears to be a valuable tool to complement the BWA. In single pedigrees risks calculated by this combination of programs differ significantly from those received by the combination of Cyrillic / LINKAGE programs currently used by the Deutsches Konsortium für Brust- und Eierstockkrebs.

(PED 5: Presented at the European Congress of Human Genetics 2005)

PED 5 — Pedigree Software

PED 5 is a fast interactive Pedigree Software for Windows (R). PED was introduced at the ESHG Conference in 1997 and now has a continuously growing user community with researchers and clinicians in over 30 countries worldwide. Among other enhancements, PED 5 now can fetch family information from a data file in LINKAGE or CSV (comma separated values) format.    more ...

PED 6.0.2 available

October 2009

PED 6.0.2 fixes some minor issues. Especially all PED 6.0.x LINKAGE users should download this release and update PED 6. Just install into your existing PED 6.0.x directory.

Never install any PED 6 release into a PED version 5 or 4 directory!.

Notes on previous releases:

PED 5.1.2

October 2007

This version includes some minor bugfixes and enhancements. All PED 5 users are encouraged to download the latest release. The upgrade is free to all PED 5.0. and 5.1 users. Be sure to have your PED 5 registration keys available when you install PED 5.1.2. After a successful install you can safely uninstall the previous PED 5 version.
PED has a user community now spanning more than 35 countries worldwide. Thanks a lot to all of you!

New features added in PED 5.0.5

CSV files exported from PED usually will be re-imported and displayed in less than a second, without any user interaction. On the other hand, manually created CSV files may be incorrect. PED tries to import faulty CSV files. In case there is not a single "best" solution, PED allows to choose from several possible "consultands" as a starting point for a pedigree drawing.

PED 5 release

December 4, 2005

Now you can import / export in a format suitable for import into a database, or linkage analysis. The size of your data does not matter as long as you adhere to a simple rule of thumb: what can be drawn in the PED input window also can be imported from a data file.

PED 4.2 is no longer available

PED 4.2 pedigree drawing software is no longer available.
PED 4.2 pages are no longer maintained

PED download

Please download a free evaluation copy.

Legacy code:

(German only-a reference just in case you still use it...) Carrier diagnosis in haemophilia A.
PNAT Database program for prenatal diagnosis.